S  A  G  E


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I’m Dahlia Sage, an independent  companion in Toronto, and I’d like to introduce you to authentic pleasure.


I say authentic because you’ll note when we meet that I genuinely enjoy myself on every level. Connecting with others and finding what sparks a unique intimacy between us is a thrill I take great pleasure in. I aim to please, that’s just part of who I am. I want you feel like you’ve been fulfilled on every level after our encounters. I also want to share in this feeling and go out of my way to communicate how we can create that kind of experience for both of us.


I am a published writer by trade who was languishing in boredom behind a desk when I decided to make a striking change.  Now, I moonlight as a sensualist who specializes erotic fun. As it turns out making that change was an excellent choice and I want to invite you to join in on my journey!


"These are more than words on a page, you’re getting a taste of the real me."


People have said that pictures don’t do me justice and that I’m a natural beauty... it’s hard to say something like that without sounding ridiculously narcissistic so Instead I’ll say I look exactly as I appear in photos but 4D is always better, so come and see for yourself. Together we can create a truly unforgettable experience for both of us.


I suppose I should include a few basic bio tidbits. I love jazz music, indy rock and hip hop because I’m nothing if not eclectic. I’ve travelled extensively in Asia and have dabbled in Europe and South America. My degree is in journalism and I am an avid reader though I tend to stick solidly to the sci-fi and fantasy genre. I’m also a certified card carrying nerd and Trekkie for life. Fashion and cooking are also major interests. I love candy.


It’s impossible to convey the breadth of a person in a few short sentences; a sensual nature and a well lived life. A curious creative mind and a delicate feminine body with delicious hidden strengths; these things can only be discovered in person. These are more than words on a page, you’re getting a taste of the real me.


Consider this my personal invitation to come discover some magic.




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