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Duo is such a pedestrian description for the promise of chemistry multiplied… a dalliance shared with more than one is a bucket list item to be savoured. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few special ladies with whom this holds true. 


Perhaps if the moment calls for adventure we’ll have a trio or more…

An unquestionably peak experience for the creative or strong of heart.

Simone Loren

Simone Loren… passionate and full of unbounded spirit, she is as playful as she is seductive. An unparalleled delight to add to our fun; you’ll find creating authentic chemistry with this elite beauty comes with ease.


Mademoiselle Néla

An exquisitely beautiful delectable French treat whose refined exterior gives way to imaginative proclivities behind closed doors. Elegant, totally exotic and yet down to earth in the most desirable way, Néla personifies true attractiveness.



As stunningly beautiful as she is adventurous, Rebecca is an indescribably hot treat! It’s almost criminal to combine this much fun and beauty into one being. The promise of enjoyment starts the moment she enters the picture…


Rachel Sweets

Sophisticated and sultry with a perfect dose of wild, Rachel does not disappoint when one seeks to combine beauty, intelligence, and the most delicious sensuality… this beauty is a true gift, not to be missed.


Serena Ivy

Wildly beautiful and way too much fun not to share, Serena is a pleasure in every possible way and will make any rendezvous intensely unforgettable.


Arrange passage to the sublime...

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