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Some kind words from special friends…


"Always smart and pleasant, with impeccable taste in fashion and lingerie, with her soft and generous curves of perfection evoking immediate desire,  Dahlia is passionate, playful, accommodating and enhances the experience by focusing on and being genuinely interested in you.

Ever easy on the eyes, no mere words can properly describe a date with Dahlia Sage, although “heavenly” comes close. If you’re anything like me, the next opportunity to see and adore her won’t come soon enough."


- N.K.

"Your pics do not do you justice, you are truly more beautiful."


- MG

Dahlia is incredibly beautiful, intelligent, worldly, responsive, and ultimately deeply Satisfying.


- K.B

"Not only is she as beautiful as ever, but she is also smart as a whip, articulate, sexy and hot. She has a satisfying, intuitive, ability to connect as a sexy woman both giving and receiving. Please treat her with honour and respect."


- B.M

Last night I had an incredibly awesome and amazing date with Ms Dahlia Sage.


She's had excellent reviews and I can now personally attest to her abilities and more importantly (to me) her character. As beautiful as she is - and she is without a doubt - a complete fox. She checks all the boxes as far as looks, from a great complexion, to beautiful and captivating eyes; add in an obviously superb body and a smile that is to die for! 


But for me, it was how she conversed with me. She is very intelligent, but also incredibly sexy - the way she bossed me around but with her soft sexy voice - she could've made me do anything! At one point we took a break and we talked....personal stuff that we both shared which really made for a better second half…


All in all, I had a wonderful time. I feel like I had just shared intimacy with a long time friend. I cannot wait for our next encounter!


I know Dahlia already has a ton of good reviews, but I had such a great time with her I thought I would add mine.


I don't get to Toronto often so even though I've been following Dahlia for a while I've had to wait to see her. Dahlia was quick to respond to my booking request and even agreed to come all the way out to the Airport to see me since I was just passing through. At precisely the appointed time there was a knock on my door, and there she was. I didn't think it would be possible that she actually looks more delicious in person than she does in her studio photos. She arrived wearing a classy long winter coat which was of course covering a slinky outfit underneath. She was also carrying an over sized handbag which turned out to be overflowing with an assortment of toys and tools... some which I have never encountered before… I'm a fairly vanilla client so most of the gear stayed on the table, but it did pique my curiosity for future encounters.


After a great introductory chat (wow this lady is smart), she went to the bathroom to freshen up and came out dressed for battle (gulp). Have I mentioned how delicious she looks in person? She also appears to work out because her curves are firm and she has a yummy hard pilates belly. Her skin is very soft and smooth and a delight to touch and explore. It was lucky that I made a longer booking so we could really take our time.


She has luscious soft lips and is an amazing kisser, and she seems to revel in giving as much as receiving. I won't go through a checklist but I will say that she appears to be game for fun and she was not shy to make a few requests and even asked if I had any requests. Overall she is amazing which explains the many glowing reviews.


Obviously I am now a member of the Dahlia fan club and I'll be looking for another opportunity to see her as soon as I can.


Just had to post my second experience with Dahlia. This lady is amazing and so easy to get along with. Communication through email was fast and responsive and you can just tell that she wants your time with her to be about what you want. I love Vancouver, but the only thing it is missing is Dahlia for sure. Her pics from the website are accurate and even though she has lost weight recently, those curves are still something out of a comic book fantasy. Booked a two hour appointment and since it was the second time, I would say that we both got more enjoyment out of it than the first time since there was already a connection.


Her soft spoken voice just runs thrills down your spine (and other places). Soft kissable lips were perfect to start and the night just got better from there. I'm not one to share all the specific details, but there are lots of reviews on this wonderful lady if you want to search. Suffice to say that she came dressed casually with lots of outfit and toy choices and it was fantastic to see her toes curl up at times... There was absolutely no awkwardness and she made me feel comfortable right away.


I will absolutely book again and can't wait to see her in any of those outfits from her portfolio.


Arrange passage to the sublime...

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